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The "Kekova Environmental Protection Area" offers sheltered bays and unspoiled scenery to discover.



  • 3 x 3 km kayaking (45 minutes each)

  • Kekova Island (swim)

  • Sunken City (exploration)

  • Simena Village (lunch & free time)

  • Detailed information about Flora / Fauna & Geography

  • Full kayak intro by Instructor (BCU certified)

  • Tandem Kayaks and all safety equipment

  • Total 8 hours tour (including transfers from Kas) 

  • Lunch (vegetarian option)

  • Transfers

Sea Kayaking in the calm waters of the Kekova Preservation Area is the best and ecologically right way, to visit the Sunken City and Simena Village.

The natural beauty and sheltered waters of the area guarantees that the complete beginner will love to paddle here as much as the experienced kayaker. 

There is no previous kayaking experience needed, it just needs some spirit for adventure and reasonable fitness.


THE TOUR  (Spoiler alert)

First the group paddles about 3km southwards to Tersane Bay on the Kekova Island. This beautiful bay has very clear water that invites for a swim.

The the underwater and surrounding ruins of the ancient settlement of Xera offer opportunity to explore. Your guide will give information about history of the region.

The next part of our trip goes along the cost of the Kekova Island right above the ruins of the Sunken City of Dolikhiste. Once finished with sightseeing we paddle across to the mainland.

Simena Village is our midday break for lunch and exploration or a swim.

Lovely streets with flowers and great views invite you to take pictures and to relax.

In one of the cafes one can try the famous ice-cream served only in this village. These are homemade and with unique flavors like Cactus Fruit or Carob.

The village has a Crusader Castle with great views to discover (12 TL entrance fee). 

It is also possible to spend the time here with a swim of the jetty or to take pictures of the Simena Sarcophagus.

After the lunch break we get back in our kayaks to paddle to our final swim-stop amongst ancient ruins. Here is also a nice spot for cliff diving.


From here the route takes us through the rock-labyrinth back to our base. 

  • Total tour timing approx. 7-8 hrs

  • Length of Paddling: 3 x 45 minutes 

  • Minimum 2 swimbreaks + lunch + free time in Simena + transfers from Kaş 35 minutes

  • Distance of Paddle: ca. 9 km

  • Difficulty: Paddling in a tandem kayak for 3 x 45 minutes in sheltered waters with little or no waves. Optional hike up to the Simena Castle (15 min)


  • We recommend Swim, surf, water shoes and sandals over flip flops.

  • Sun hat, Sun glasses (with neck string), Sun cream

  • Emergency medication (e.g. asthma inhaler) 

  • Swimsuits, Towel

  • Change of clothes and shoes

  • Wind jacket, for spring and autumn

  • Small change for Extra Drinks and Souvenirs.

  • The hatches of our kayaks are small so  please pack lightly 

  • We provide a few dry-bags and containers to be shared for things you want to keep dry like camera and phones.

  • For sunlotion and towels a plastic bag is just fine..

  • Please leave your valuables in your hotel

  • Cameras and phone only if waterproof during paddling.




From Kalkan

  • Price: 50€

  • Departure Time Kalkan: 08:00

  • with Meis Express Shuttle bus until Kas

  • meeting with guide and other participants

  • Departure from Kaş 08:45 (35 min. drive)

  • Return Time: 17:00 - 18:00 (depends on weather and performance)

From Kaş

  • Price: 40€

  • Departure Time : Peninsula 08:30

  • Departure Time: Office Latebreaks Travel 08.45

  • Return Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (depends on weather and performance)

From Ucagiz Village

  • Price: 35€

  • Meeting Time 09:30

  • at the main car park (Flower Market)

  • Return Time 15:00 - 16:00 (depends on weather and performance)

From Fethiye

  • Calculate plus 2 hours drive 

  • Meeting Time Ucagiz Village 09:30 at the main car park (Flower Market)

  • Return Ucagiz Village: 15:00-16:00 (depends on weather and performance)


From Kemer

  • Calculate plus 2 and a half hours drive 

  • Meeting Time Ucagiz Village 09:30 at the main car park (Flower Market)

  • Return Ucagiz Village: 15:00-16:00 depends on weather and performance

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